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This website use cookies to track how you use the website, for example to see which subpages you visit and how long you are on each page. It helps us to have a better understanding of how visitors use the site and how they find it. This website does not use cookies that collect identifiable information about you. Cookies on this site are not necessary, but can improve your experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser by the pages you visit. They usually contain a web page and an identifier. Cookies help to improve your experience while navigating various websites, for example by remembering items you put in a shopping cart.

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A temporary cookie that expires when you close your browser.

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A cookie that remains on your computer until the expiration date passes or until you choose to delete them yourself.

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A cookie created by the website you visit.

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A cookie created by a third party. That is, a different page than the one you are visiting.
Below are the third-party cookies this website might use.

Google Analytics
Analytics is one of the largest and most trusted analytics solutions on the web used to help us understand how you use the site and how we can improve your experience. These cookies can, for example, track how much time you spend on a page and subpages you visit.
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If you want to restrict or block cookies used on this website or any other website, you can do so via your browser settings on your computer or by not accepting cookies when you are asked via message on the website. All browsers work differently, look in the help menu in your browser and learn how to change your preferences for cookies. Information on how to change the settings on the mobile phone’s browser is available from the respective manufacturer.

You can also visit which contains comprehensive information about the management of cookies for a variety of browsers. There you will also find information on how to delete cookies from your computer as well as more general information about cookies.