Inner Faces

01. Krister Henriksson
Krister Henriksson
02. Philip Zanden
Philip Zanden
03. Alexander Skarsgård
Alexander Skarsgård
04. Jessica Zanden
Jessica Zanden
05. Bodil Malmsten
Bodil Malmsten


The pictures are a selection of the portraits Ewa-Mari took of famous Swedes. Ewa-Mari’s pictures, as the title of the exhibition suggests, try to look past the scenery of celebrity. She captures the thoughts, strength, concentration, joy and inner feeling of directors, actors, singers, artists, sports stars and TV personalities. With the camera she succeds to describe several dimensions of their personalities. It becomes impressive when Viveca Seldahl’s portrait has been enlarged up to 2 x 2 m. In the picture taken a short time before her death, her vitality radiates straight out towards the viewer.

Other portaits inte the exhibition

Marie Göransson (2x2m)

Bodil Malmsten

Mauro Scocco

Louise Hoffsten

Lennart Ekdahl

Krister Henriksson

Philip Zandén

Peter Andersson

KIm Andersson

Izabella Scorupco

Anders Lundin

Alexander Skarsgård

Jesper Aspegren

Carl-Fredrik Reuterswärd

Kristoffer Lundström

Jan Malmsjö

Jessica Zandén

Lena Willemark

Jessica Folker

Eva Attling

Tonie R. Lewenhaupt

Magdalena Forsberg

P.O Ultvedt

Olle Ljungström

06. Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd
Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd
07. Izabella Scorupco
Izabella Scorupco
08. Kristoffer Lundström
Kristoffer Lundström
09. Efwa Attling
Efwa Attling
10. Lennart Ekdahl
Lennart Ekdahl
11. Marie Göranzon
Marie Göranzon
12. Jan Malmsjö
Jan Malmsjö
13. Kim Anderzon
Kim Anderzon
14. Peter Andersson
Peter Andersson
15. Emma Wiklund ex Sjöberg modell
Emma Wiklund ex Sjöberg modell
16. Magdalena Forsberg
Magdalena Forsberg
17. Lena Willemark
Lena Willemark
18. Jessica Folkner
Jessica Folkner
19. Jessica Folkner Lunch
Jessica Folkner Lunch
20. Viveca Seldahl
Viveca Seldahl
21. Louise Hoffsten
Louise Hoffsten
22. Staffan Göthe
Staffan Göthe
23. Simon Norrthon
Simon Norrthon
24. Reuben Sallmander
Reuben Sallmander
25. Olle Ljungström
Olle Ljungström
26. Matti Bye
Matti Bye
27. P.O. Ultvedt
P.O. Ultvedt
28. Anders Lundin
Anders Lundin
29. Tonie Lewenhaupt
Tonie Lewenhaupt
30. Maj Sjöwall
Maj Sjöwall
31. Bodil Malmsten
Bodil Malmsten
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