The Under Wonderworld

01. Venus

The Under Wonderworld

Hommage to Salvador Dali

I was invited to Salvador Dali in Cadaques in the early seventies and he talked alot of his exhibition ”A Dream of Venus”

My pictures are from a dreamland where everything is a bit intimate and upside down, the model floats around in a cabinet like an aquarium without water she is a mermaid. Another figure has the coffee cups on her feet and her head resting on the floor.

The Hind runs across the table in the reality of the escape in Wonderland, where the normal state is weightless, where the imaginations are unlimited, where the goddess follows the winds and fantasies of the waves into the infinite depth and space of the oceans, where the law of gravity has been lifted.

02. Coffee
03. Champagne
04. Lemon
05. Eros
06. Orange
07. Hommage to F. Woodman
Hommage to F. Woodman

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