01. Safari Savannah
Safari Savannah
02. Safari Lake Edward
Safari Lake Edward
03. Safari Antilope
Safari Antilope


Haute Couture at Queen Elisabeth Park, Uganda.

We may not be able to see the open landscape with craters and savannah areas in Africa anymore, as we see them in these pictures. Research shows that there is a risk that the open savannah landscape will grow into forests due to increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the climate change that it causes. These major changes can threaten the unique plant and wildlife currently present on the African savannah.

The same with haute couture, it is now questioning it’s future because there is less and less seamstresses. The hand embroidery and craftmanship might soon be gone.

04. Safari Crater
Safari Crater
05. Safari Jumping
Safari Jumping
06. Safari Leopard
Safari Leopard
07. Safari Portrait
Safari Portrait
08. Safari Cactus
Safari Cactus
09. Safari Leoprad Antler
Safari Leoprad Antler

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