Fragments of my life

01. Selfportait Holes
Selfportait Holes
02. Hand
03. Selfportrait in Huntwasser mirror
Selfportrait in Huntwasser mirror


Fragments of My life is a series of photos without a beginning or an end. It’s a cycle that has been going on since I took my first photo. These are photos that I thought I would never show. Pictures that I have taken to forget the present or to remember it.

With the help of my camera I have a tool that is helping me to understand everyday life.

The photos become my diary.

They are very private and are a form of seeing, that I have difficulty to put words to, they are more a state of mind and a mirror of my thoughts. It’s part of a puzzle how to solve it is up to each one. It’s fragments of the mind, and the mind doesn’t work straight but rather in a blurred way or sometimes super clear way.

The photograph is a perpetual coincidence of a piece of reality and cut out time.

The photos in this serie are all analog and most of them taken with my Nicromat camera and a fifties lens.

04. Pantihose
05. Tabu
06. Thunder
07. Stone Town Door
Stone Town Door
08. Muslim woman Stown Town
Muslim woman Stown Town
09. Daddy
10. Hotel body selfportrait
Hotel body selfportrait
11. Sardinia
12. Kim
13. Television
14. Frances
15. Light Show Helsingfors
Light Show Helsingfors
16. My daughter at Göteborgs museum
My daughter at Göteborgs museum
17. Elephant
18. I will never see you again
I will never see you again
19. Armpit
20. Is it my man...
Is it my man...
21. Canary Islands window
Canary Islands window
22. Venicianbed selfportrait
Venicianbed selfportrait
23. Funicular railway
Funicular railway
24. Woman St. Petersburg
Woman St. Petersburg
25. Turkish bar
Turkish bar
26. My friend Pia
My friend Pia
27. Bench St.Petersburg
Bench St.Petersburg
28. Watts Los Angeles
Watts Los Angeles
29. Snowstorm Don't Walk
Snowstorm Don't Walk
30. panties
31. Drowned
32. Central Park Snowstorm
Central Park Snowstorm

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