Ewa-Mari Johansson Image 2000-2008

Ewa-Mari Johanson’s personal research should be interpreted as a general work-in-progress. It is endowed with a sort of internal coherence that appears as stages of a single dialectic path without a real beginning or a definite end. But one that is developed in a circular manner – often returning to investigate the same field, but each time with a different and heightened critical and aesthetic awareness.

Roberto Mutti

ISBN  9788836635245

Mama Maasai

In the exhibition Mama Maasai, Ewa-Mari Johansson showed photographs from her book of the Morogoro region in Tanzania in 2006. Was ongoing 27 May – 28 August 2011 at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg and also at Ethnograpic Museum in Stockholm Sweden and and Statens Museum fur Konst Copenhagen, Gallerie FNAC in Milano, Rom, Naples, Torino, Verona and Genova.

See the book in digital format:

ISBN 1 3: 978-91-977097-6-7

book-cover to be or not to be

To be or not to be

TO BE OR NOT TO BE is a story told in images as seen by Ewa-Mari Johansson. It’s a story about the Storholmen Castle in the archipelago of Stockholm where the soul lives on in the walls of the castle and in the castle garden. We are led to look through open windows and doors and to wonder if it was behind them that Greta Garbo once stood. Maybe we can even sense Gustav the fifth playing tennis outside…

ISBN 978-91-633-1291-5

Attraverso Rovereto

The book is a different kind of guide to the City Rovereto. Rovereto was the first city to have a modern Art Museum MART. As it is a creative city they wanted an artistic book of the city.

ISBN 978-88-96215-01-2



Is a book and exhibit with three photographers, we where invited by Fiesole Photo Museum to do an exhibit together a about a topic selected by us.

We selected Spiritualism as our topic.

I got the permission to stay in the Franciscan monastery in Fiesole and choose to do a story of St. Francis “Canticle Brother Sun and Sister Moon” with verses in a number of languages.

The Language of modern printing

The Language of modern printing

ISBN 978-1-905216-37-6