Scars (Bok IMAGE 2000-2008)

01. Scars
02. Scars Hole in the Wall
Scars Hole in the Wall
03. Scars Triangle
Scars Triangle
04. Scars Crossed out wall
Scars Crossed out wall


The wounds and scars from life can be seen clearly in nature on the Swedish Bohuslän mountain rocks. I was there photographing when two close friends had died and later when I exhibited this series of photographs, it was a coincidence that the tsunami in Thailand occurred at the same time. Life lives in granite and stone hills, and we no longer have to separate ourselves from nature, but be part of nature.

05. Scars Delta
Scars Delta
06. Scars Tool
Scars Tool
07. Scars Shadow
Scars Shadow
08. Scars Lane
Scars Lane
09. scars Slot
scars Slot
10. Scars Venus
Scars Venus

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