Più Nudo (Bok IMAGE 2000-2008)

01. Più Nudo Hommage to Michelangelo
Più Nudo Hommage to Michelangelo
02. Più Nudo Cover IMAGE 2000-2008
Più Nudo Cover IMAGE 2000-2008

Più Nudo

More than Nude

I have been close to obsessed with the idea of doing a different nude.
To be close to the skin and only following the movement and be one with the form that comes out of being close to another human being.

A lot of photographers have inspired me such as Bill Brandt and Edward Weston, but I did not look at these pictures when I did mine, but most securely they probably where somewhere in my deep inner spirit.

The photographs are as self portraits and the body dimension is an amazing way to express and show the sensual feeling in photography.

I was a top model in the seventies and did a very good copy of Marilyn and I loved it, but it was not me. I am Mari and I like the rhythm and mathematics in photography as in the nude model in front of me becomes me when I photograph, more than being nude.

Ewa-Mari Johansson

03. Più Nudo Two Breasts
Più Nudo Two Breasts
04. Più Nudo Embrace
Più Nudo Embrace
05. Più Nudo Penseuse
Più Nudo Penseuse
06. Più Nudo Holding Hands
Più Nudo Holding Hands
07. Più Nudo Hommage to Imogen Cunningham
Più Nudo Hommage to Imogen Cunningham
08. Più Nudo Friends
Più Nudo Friends


Più Nudo is part of the book IMAGE 2000-2008.
The project is typical of the series that characterized this period of my photography. The pictures are without a beginning or an end and there is no special foreground and no horizon.The images are sometimes almost abstract. Where does the strength of our body begin and where does the landscape end that reflects the wounds of our soul.

The photographs are very personally attached to myself and my life, I was obsessed with showing the female body in a strongly different imagery in this period.

The close-ups of women is a search for nearness and contact. The photography becomes more like a harmony or symphony and at a more abstract level, they become a physical theory of symmetries and energies.

09. Più Nudo The Scar
Più Nudo The Scar
10. Più Nudo Closeness
Più Nudo Closeness
11. Più Nudo Two Vases
Più Nudo Two Vases
12. Più Nudo Behind
Più Nudo Behind
13. Più Nudo Desert
Più Nudo Desert
14. Più Nudo Hommage to Picasso Descending a Staircase
Più Nudo Hommage to Picasso Descending a Staircase
15. Più Nudo The Breast
Più Nudo The Breast

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