EMJ sees A. Jorn

01. Entrance
02. Upstairs room
Upstairs room

Ewa-Mari Johansson SEES Asger Jorn

When I enter the house and work of art of Asger Jorn in Abisola, a village in northern Italy famous for its earthware pottery,
I am told that the house, where time has stood still for 35 years, will in a few years hopefully be reopened for the public
as a contemporary art and ceramics museum. Making the artist dream come true.

If I should try to describe my encounter with Asger Jorns villa it would sound something like this: Over the threshold and climbing the stairs through the gate I enter another world of art, imagination and swirling colours. The place overwhelmes me as if I was a child; the color and shapes twisting and turning– and again I search for angles, search for the open form.

When I later do my research on Asger Jorn and his life I see that this was a clear force in the art of Asger Jorn and the artist group CoBrA that he helped start. ”We were influenced by the drawings of children, primitive art, /…/ and by fairy tales and myths.”

03. Kitchen Wall
Kitchen Wall
04. House Decoration
House Decoration
05. Garden Tiles
Garden Tiles
06. Detail of Ceiling
Detail of Ceiling
07. Wall View
Wall View
08. Villa Jorn
Villa Jorn
09. Jorn Art Studio
Jorn Art Studio
10. Jorn Ornaments
Jorn Ornaments
11. Jorn Tiles
Jorn Tiles
12. Jorn Wall Design
Jorn Wall Design
13. Jorn Window Corner
Jorn Window Corner
14. Jorn Shed
Jorn Shed
15. Jorn Water Reservoir
Jorn Water Reservoir
16. Jorn Path
Jorn Path
17. Jorn Winding Stairs
Jorn Winding Stairs

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